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For Our Patients

It is important to us that you are comfortable, not just with your doctor, but also with the administrative side to the care we provide. In this section we are providing our policies regarding these matters. This will give you the knowledge of what to expect when you arrive at our offices.

As you know, official documentation must accompany any medical examinations, procedures or treatments we perform here at D&L Specialists. By law we are required to keep detailed records of any and all treatment we provide. There are also strict rules and regulations for sharing that information, and we take this very seriously.

Whether we are talking about sharing records with another physician, confirming benefits with your insurance company, or collecting your portion of the cost for care you received, you should know that we handle your medical information with great care.

We also wish to disclose our Financial Policies so that you are prepared in advance for handling the financial aspects of the care you receive from our physicians.

Please take a few moments to review the information here to learn just how we operate. If you have any questions or would like anything explained further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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